National Workplace Initiative core framework

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Closes 16 Aug 2020


Welcome to the online form for providing feedback on the core framework within the National Workplace Initiative (NWI).

You will need to have read the Discussion paper for feedback on the NWI core framework, which outlines our current thinking on the framework and we suggest you keep it open in another browser while you complete this online form so you can refer back to it as needed.


The NMHC takes your privacy seriously. All responses will be treated as confidential, and, except where required by law, no personally identifying information from your response will be released or used for a purpose other than as set out above.

The NMHC stores all personal information securely and restricts access to those employees who need access in order to perform their duties or to assist individuals.

For further information on privacy, please see the NMHC's privacy statement and full privacy policy.

Help and Support

Talking about your experiences of mental health can be challenging. If any questions cause distress, please stop and we encourage you to reach out for support. Help is always available at:

Lifeline or call 13 11 14

Beyond Blue or call 1300 22 4636