National Workplace Initiative core framework

Closes 16 Aug 2020

Opened 9 Jul 2020


The National Mental Health Commission is seeking feedback to help shape the core framework within the National Workplace Initiative (NWI).

In the 2019-20 Federal Budget, the Government announced an investment of $11.5 million over four years for the NWI. The NWI will provide a nationally consistent approach to mentally healthy workplaces.

In particular, the NWI will: 

  • Create an evidence-based framework for mentally healthy workplaces.
  • Help people find suitable initiatives and resources via a digital NWI platform.
  • Showcase successful approaches to mentally healthy workplaces. 

The NWI core framework will act as the centerpiece of the NWI - informing the scope, resources, tools and supports provided.

Why We Are Consulting

One of the key principles of the NWI project is working closely with the people who will use the NWI to make sure it is designed to be fit for purpose.

By showing you our early thinking, drafts and prototypes we can understand what is likely to work and not work. It means we can shift our approach quickly if needed and continually refine our thinking about the NWI.

This is the first of many opportunities to provide feedback to help shape the NWI. By providing your feedback on the draft NWI core framework and joining our online feedback community, you can play a key role in shaping the future of mentally healthy workplaces.


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