National Natural Disaster Mental Health Framework - PHN Survey

Closed 11 Sep 2020

Opened 5 Aug 2020

Results expected 14 Sep 2020

Feedback expected 15 Sep 2020


The National Mental Health Commission (NMHC) is developing a National Natural Disaster Mental Health Framework to address the mental health needs of individuals and communities affected by natural disasters. The aim is to improve cross-government responses to mental health threats before, during and after natural disasters.

Recent years have recorded many severe and catastrophic events. Often these overlap or follow each other in rapid succession. This makes the psychosocial health dimension complex, and led to the Australian Gvernment's decision to fund the Framework.

The Framework will improve coordination between governments and private agencies at all levels to ensure people can easily find and use the services most suited to their needs.



Why we are consulting

Primary Health Networks working in areas affected by bushfires or other natural disasters will know where joint planning and coordination currently works well, and where it needs to improve.

The NMHC would like to learn from the expertise of PHNs to inform the National Natural Disaster Mental Health Framework. 

What happens next

We will analyse all responses and then present the results discussion at the 8 September 2020 PHN Bushfire Response meeting.


  • Service providers
  • Policy makers


  • Mental health data and information