Housing, homelessness and mental health

Closed 24 Apr 2017

Opened 27 Mar 2017


Housing is a critical foundation for an individual’s journey to recovery

One of the five domains in the National Mental Health Commission’s Contributing Life Framework is “feeling safe, stable and secure”.

The Commission is working to build a better understanding of the connections between housing, homeslessness and mental health by a consultation process from 27 March to 24 April 2017.  

This is a priority for the Commission because:

  • Generally for people who are living with a mental health difficulty, getting and keeping their own home is hard to achieve compared to the general community.
  • For the most vulnerable and unwell, cycles of homelessness, unstable housing and poor mental health can become their total life experience. 
Consumers, carers, families and support people are invited to share housing and homelessness experiences in relation to mental health through this consultation.


Why We Are Consulting

The Commission believes it is essential that mental health issues are a part of any discussion on homelessness and housing.

Through our consultation process the Commission is reaching out to collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders such as, community sector, people with lived experience, peak bodies, government departments and state mental health commissions.  Through this engagement the Commission aims to better understand and develop a national view of housing issues in relation to mental health and hear examples of local initiatives.

The purpose of our community consultation is to inform future policy, practice and research priorities. 

For more information about the Commission visit www.mentalhealthcommission.gov.au


  • Consumers
  • Carers, families, support people


  • Housing, homelessness and mental health